“If you’re tired of the world ripping us off you can’t help but feel a little bit of national pride over Apple Inc.’s patent victory over Samsung Electronics Co.,” David Weidner writes for MarketWatch. “Sure, the verdict to award Apple $1.05 billion in damages and force Samsung to design its own products was due, in part, to home court advantage. The decision was handed down a courthouse in San Jose, Calif., the heart of Silicon Valley no less.”

“After years of mostly getting shot down or blown off by international commissions, patent courts and global regulators, nine jurors finally stood up and said ‘enough,'” Weidner writes. “Finally, the U.S. summoned the will and the legal team to win.”

Weidner writes, “Finally, conventional wisdom and common sense won out. If you steal something, it isn’t yours. Period. And if you don’t think stealing intellectual property from U.S. companies is what’s been happening in the global marketplace, especially in electronics, then you either are a lawyer or one of the people ripping off the innovators.”

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