Apple’s new OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion “brings more than 200 new features to boost the way you use your Mac. Making use of iCloud, Mountain Lion claims to make it easier than ever to keep all of your media, documents and important information in one place and, as a result, available across all of your devices. It also adds deep integration with Facebook and Twitter, turning your Mac into a highly sociable machine,” Ben Harvell writes for MacFormat via TechRadar.

“The gradual merging of iOS and OS X features continues with the arrival of Messages, Reminders, Notifications and Dictation in Mountain Lion – the aim being to make switching between any of your Apple devices as seamless as possible,” Harvell writes. “But do you need these new bells and whistles or should you be content with what you’ve got? We weigh up the new features as well as the upgrade considerations in order to provide you with an answer.”

The 10 best features of Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion:
1. Social integration
2. Game Center for Mac
3. Improved Notifications
4. AirPlay
5. Messages
6. Notes and Reminders
7. Dictation on the Mac
8. Power Nap
9. Better security (Gatekeeper)
10. Safari 6

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