“It’s hard to say exactly what percentage of desktop and laptop computers run Apple OS X, but it’s clear that the operating system has made slow but steady gains at chipping away at that the sizable lead Microsoft established in the ’90s with its Windows operating system,” Klint Finley reports for Wired. “Some figures put the number at about 6 to 7 percent of the desktop market.”

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“But one thing’s for sure: OS X has been more successful than Linux, the open source operating system that has found a home on data-center servers but is still a rarity on desktops and laptops,” Finley reports. “Why is that? Miguel de Icaza — one of the original creators of GNOME, a Linux desktop interface that has struggled to take hold — believes that a large portion of the software developers that could have taken Linux to greater heights defected to other platforms, including not only Apple OS X but — more importantly — the web.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Linux on the desktop has always been a pipe dream.MacDailyNews Take, July 31, 2008