“It was one year ago today that Steve Jobs’ temporary leave of absence turned into his actual retirement: when the late and legendary founder of Apple announced he was losing his fight against cancer and would not be returning to the company he loved,” Matt Nesto reports for Yahoo Finance.

“As shocking and sad and unsettling as the news was at the time, the actual hand-off was seamless, considering chief operating officer Tim Cook was already seven months into his second stint as interim CEO,” Nesto reports. “Even so, the doubts were many and the concerns were plentiful, as loyal consumers, devoted employees, and beholden investors were forced to acknowledge that things would never be the same. After all, no one could ever replace Steve Jobs.”

Nesto reports, “‘What stands out is how little stands out,’ says Adam Lashinsky, author of Inside Apple and senior editor at large for FORTUNE. ‘It’s been a year of continuation of everything Apple had been doing in the previous two years,’ he adds in the attached video, pointing out that the real measure of the Cook era won’t begin until a brand new product category is launched that is as ‘mind-blowingly revolutionary as the last few.’ …In the meantime, Lashinsky characterizes Cook’s tenure as being a caretaker of the ‘rocket ship company’ he inherited from his former boss”

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MacDailyNews Take: Caretaker CEO? We’ll know for sure sometime next year (word has it that Jobs provided significant input on iPhone 5, approved of the idea of an iPad mini, and told his biographer that he had “cracked” TV, so this round of upcoming products can’t be attributed solely to Tim Cook’s Apple.).

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