“A 7-inch iPad will put Apple in some very unfamiliar territory in the tablet market — it’s an area currently dominated by Android-based devices,” Jim Dalrymple writes for TechPinions. “However, Apple’s entry into that segment will also present some seemingly insurmountable challenges to those same companies.”

“With a 7-inch iPad, Apple will, for the first time, take on its competition on their turf,” Dalrymple writes. “This will be a real test for Apple and the iPad brand, but one I’m convinced they will easily win.”

Dalrymple writes, “The problem for Apple’s competitors is that there is no where else to go. If they go down much more in size, the tablet becomes a smartphone. If they go up beyond the size of the current iPad, it becomes too big to be useful. Apple is in a position to decimate its competitors. All it needs to do is release the 7-inch iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We expect Apple to wreak much more than mere decimation upon peddlers of tiny-screen-wrong-aspect-ratio wannabe iPads. It will be a bloodbath.