“Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s battle for the White House enters the fantasy realm of hand-to- hand combat in a new video game for Apple devices that’s meant to increase voter turnout,” Cliff Edwards reports for Bloomberg.

“The candidates wield lightsabers and baton-like microphones, facing off on the debate stage, the White House lawn and finally battling for control of the Oval Office in ‘Vote,’ from Epic Games Inc.’s Chair Entertainment,” Edwards reports. “The company is offering the game free on Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s App Store. It lets iPod, iPhone and iPads users pick the president or his Republican challenger, Technical Director Geremy Mustard said.”

Edwards reports, “Chair Entertainment, maker of the popular ‘Infinity Blade’ sword-fighting game, goes a step beyond political satire by working with Washington-based Rock the Vote for the first in- game attempt to register thousands of young people to cast a ballot this November… While the game is free, users pay as much $10 for all of the upgraded weapons and outfits that include ’70s-era disco suits, ‘Super Prez’ superhero costumes and boxing gear, Creative Director Donald Mustard said. Some of the proceeds will go to Rock the Vote.”

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