“It’s with you every moment of every day. It reminds you of little things that you sometimes forget, like calling friends on their birthdays and picking up the dry cleaning,” Katherine Boehret reports for AllThingsD. “It sleeps by your side, resting when you rest and working when you work. It even talks back once in a while. But how well do you really know your iPhone?”

“After months of watching friends and family use their iPhones and iPads, I realized most of them were missing out on a lot of features,” Boehret reports. “I’ll walk you through 10 things you might not know your iPhone and iPad can do. Aficionados may know most of these, but typical users likely won’t.”

The Secrets of your iPhone and iPad:
1. Directly Access Apps
2. Tap to Scroll Up
3. Keyboard Shortcuts
4. Speed from App to App
5. Take Screenshots
6. Swipe to Search
7. Read Websites More Easily
8. A Smarter Camera (iPhone)
9. Digital Picture Frame (iPad)
10. Mute or Screen Lock (iPad)

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]