“Apple followed in Microsoft’s footsteps this week to usurp the Redmond giant’s top spot as the most valuable company in history,” Bianca Bosker reports for The Huffington Post. “Is Apple doomed to repeat Microsoft’s mistakes?”

“While experts remain optimistic about Apple’s future, they predict the strength of the Apple empire could be undermined by potentially unrealistic growth expectations, its to-be-determined success moving beyond devices for our pockets and purses and its skill leveraging 400 million iTunes accounts into a broader payments system,” Bosker reports. “They also note that in the tech industry, the number one rule is ‘always expect a new number one.'”

Bosker reports, “Apple’s dominance will likely be put to the test by a new class of devices that don’t necessarily rely on screens, but sync with the car, home or even the wearer’s body. Like many of its rivals, the Cupertino company has long had its eye on the living room, but beyond its Apple TV ‘hobby,’ Apple has yet to make a serious push to conquer the home. Living rooms, as well as kitchens, bedrooms and even heating systems, may be next crucial frontier for Silicon Valley firms.”

“Of course, with Apple, there’s always the question of whether it can live up to its promise of building ‘incredible products’ and avoid the innovator’s dilemma. Though experts say they have confidence that Apple has a rich pipeline that will deliver innovative goods over the next few years, many no doubt expressed similar optimism about Microsoft’s prospects in 1999,” Bosker reports. “‘They’re certainly going to be one of the most valuable companies for probably the next decade, and that’s if they just keep doing what they’re doing,’ said Carl Howe, an analyst with the Yankee Group. ‘If they have new products in the pipeline equivalent to the iPhone, they’re going to be here for the next hundred years.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]