“Though Apple’s next iPhone is widely expected to have high-speed 4G long-term evolution connectivity, a new survey has found that nearly half of American consumers feel they don’t need 4G LTE,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The details come from a survey of 3,000 individuals polled by investment firm Piper Jaffray. The results of the poll were revealed in a research note published Wednesday by analyst Christopher M. Larsen and shared with AppleInsider,” Hughes reports. “The survey found that 47 percent of consumers feel they don’t need 4G LTE, and another 26 percent indicated they feel all 4G network technologies are the same. Just 15 percent of those polled said that 4G LTE is the best network technology.”

Hughes reports, “Apple released its first 4G LTE device earlier this year with the debut of the third-generation iPad. That’s helped to fuel expectations that Apple’s next iPhone, frequently referred to as the “iPhone 5,” will also feature 4G LTE connectivity, exceeding the 3G network technology found on previous iPhone models.”

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