“AT&T announced on Friday that it will offer FaceTime over Cellular at no additional cost to customers who are subscribed to a Mobile Share plan,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for TUAW. “Customers who stay on a grandfathered unlimited plan or a tiered plan will be limited to using FaceTime over a WiFi connection. AT&T’s released the following statement to the media:”

AT&T will offer FaceTime over Cellular as an added benefit of our new Mobile Share data plans, which were created to meet customers’ growing data needs at a great value. With Mobile Share, the more data you use, the more you save. FaceTime will continue to be available over Wi-Fi for all our customers.

Hodgkins reports, “AT&T’s Mobile Share plans will be available on August 23 and will let customers buy a bucket of data that can be shared among multiple devices.”

More info and links in the full article here.

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