“A financial expert said Apple Inc has overstated Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s profit margins for mobile products, an issue that goes to the heart of damages in the high profile patent trial between the two tech companies,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters.

“Michael Wagner, an accountant who testified on Thursday for Samsung, said Samsung’s U.S. profits from the smartphones and tablets targeted in the case should be calculated at about 12 percent, or about $519 million,” Levine reports. “Earlier in the trial, an Apple expert witness testified the U.S. margin was closer to 35.5 percent.”

Levine reports, “Earlier this week, Apple expert Terry Musika said Samsung earned 35.5 percent margins from mid-2010 through March 2012, on $8.16 billion in U.S. revenue. Apple is seeking over $2.5 billion in damages. However, Wagner testified on Thursday that Musika did not take into account many of Samsung’s costs, including marketing.”

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