“Former Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer John Sculley, the man who presided over the company when Steve Jobs left in 1985, said a move into the television market is ‘Apple’s game to lose,'” Scott Moritz reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple already has a foothold in smartphones, tablets and computers, giving it an edge in trying to take control of consumers’ living rooms, said Sculley, who has no inside knowledge of the company’s strategy,” Moritz reports. “‘They own three screens — the mobile phone, tablet and computer — and you can see how important it is to them to own the fourth, which is TV,’ said Sculley, who now runs an investment firm and is chairman of 3Cinteractive LLC, a mobile- software developer.”

Moritz reports, “Apple’s iPhone is the best-selling smartphone in the U.S., and the iPad controls 70 percent of the tablet market. This ‘ecosystem’ is a huge advantage over competitors, Sculley said. Apple’s core principle has been improving the user experience and keeping that experience consistent across different devices, he said. ‘People don’t realize how huge this is,’ he said. ‘Microsoft wanted the living room, Sony wanted the living room, and so far both have failed.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: And water is wet, bozo.

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