“As you may well know, the tech industry is currently enthralled with the Apple v. Samsung patent and trade dress trial,” John Kirk writes for TechPinions.

“If Apple loses this case…life goes on. Apple will have lost virtually nothing. There will be a legal precedent making it even harder for Apple or anyone else to protect their patents and trade dress,” Kirk writes. “But Apple’s been living with the real or imagined consequences of that reality for years and years already. Losing the case will not change how the parties act, it will simply reinforce the status quo.”

Kirk writes, “If Apple wins the case…life goes on. Samsung pays the damages or appeals the case or whatever. Samsung is not a broken company – not nearly, not by a long shot. Samsung makes a few tweaks to their existing phones and tablets, makes them look a little different, act a little different, and their devices continue to sell… This is a warning shot fired across the bow of the entire computing industry. ‘Violate our patents,’ Apple is saying, ‘and there is no amount of time, effort and expense that we will not expend to take you to court in order to rectify the matter.’ …Apple’s purpose, in other words, is to put a stop to FUTURE infringements of their intellectual property.”

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