“One of Samsung’s main strategies against Apple has been to point to ‘prior art,’ pre-existing versions of the features and designs made by others that could potentally invalidate the patents Apple is wielding against it,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“In the earlier part of the trial, Samsung focused on patents for phone designs,” Lowensohn reports. “Today, though, the company got into the guts of Apple’s software — in particular, the gestures people use to control iPhones and iPads.”

Lowensohn reports, “Samsung brought out a pair of ‘fact witnesses’ — i.e. not experts — involved in technology that predates some of the patented features found in Apple’s devices. That includes something seemingly simple like photos and lists bouncing back into place, as well as the “pinch-to-zoom” gesture — both things Apple says Samsung is infringing with its devices.”

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