“An avid Mac OS X 10.8 rummager reckons Apple may give the boot to optical drives – a suggestion based merely on the contents of a configuration file,” Chris Mellor reports for The Register.

“The fanboi found the .plist file in the latest version of OS X, Mountain Lion,” Mellor reports. “The document refers to future iMac and Mac Pro machines and includes options for booting, say, Microsoft Windows from a USB stick – presumably because a DVD drive may be absent.”

Mellor reports, “The config file is part of Boot Camp, which is used to start up Intel-powered machines with non-OS X operating systems. The file lists Mac models with EFI firmware capable of booting an operating system from USB storage.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, but The Register’s “voice” does grate so with the tedious “fanbois,” etc. By now, we imagine The Reg as a giant asshole that uncontrollably excretes tired vituperatives ad infinitum. BTW: Chris, you forgot to insert “Hello Kitty” in this one somewhere.