“We have peered into the abyss to bring you the latest, hottest iPhone 5 news, rumours and release date information – plus a comprehensive rundown of the features and specs you can look forward to – in this definitive round-up,” Dew Alam reports for uSwitch. “Anything you need to know about Apple’s new iPhone is here. If by chance it’s not, then it will be soon, as we continue to update the page with the freshest iPhone 5 [info].”

Items covered:
• iPhone 5 release date
• Larger, four-inch display
• Thinner In-cell panel technology
• iPhone 5 Processor
• 10-megapixel camera
• NFC, PassBook and iTravel
• Wireless charging
• Broader 3G compatibility and 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) support
• Total RAM
• Storage up to 128GB
• SIM card type
• New mini dock connector
• Audio jack and front camera positions
• Liquidmetal alloy
• Steve Jobs’ final iPhone
• “iPhone 5” or “iPhone 2012” or something else?
• Potential price points
• And more

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