“Talk about off-label use: I own neither an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3. These are the normal devices associated with Elgato’s Game Capture HD box,” Erica Sadun reports for TUAW. “The box lets you hook up an HDMI video source to record your interactions with your favorite gaming system. For me, I wanted to see how well it worked with Apple TV and iPad.”

“With Game Capture HD, you can plug in a second-generation-or-later Apple TV unit and, boom, you can watch and record anything you’d normally view on a TV,” Sadun reports. “Plus, the video quality is astonishing: really crisp and clear. You can also connect an iPad up directly, using the digital AV adapter with HDMI or mirror an iPhone 4S through Apple TV for the same effect.”

Sadun reports, “If you’re thinking that Game Capture HD might offer a workaround for re-recording HDCP content, think again. It cannot process any HDMI signal that uses HDCP protection.”

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MacDailyNews Note: The Elgato Game Capture HD PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Recorder for Mac/PC is available via Amazon.com for US199.69.