“Lackluster performance from computer makers Dell and HP this summer should leave investors rebooting. While all hardware makers are circling the drain; Apple’s recent price decline stands out as a buying opportunity,” Robert Weinstein writes for TheStreet.

“Every conversation about HP’s turnaround includes Whitman’s success at eBay. My recollection of eBay during Whitman’s tenure was of constant complaint from eBay sellers about leadership,” Weinstein writes. “While it’s clear Whitman took a small headless company and turned it into a leader, the level of competition was relatively low. The single biggest factor in eBay’s success is the critical mass of users it enjoys… If Dell reports well in three months I will once again look for a buying opportunity; otherwise I won’t hold my breath for a full recovery any time soon.”

Weinstein writes, “Apple’s recent price retracement under $600 offers investors the best risk to reward ratio in this group of technology companies. Other than HP, Apple is the only other dividend stock here and Apple shines in the most relevant metrics. Apple trades near a single-digit price-to-earnings ratio while at the same time increasing revenue and earnings like a growth stock… Considering Tim Cook making positive changes including a stock dividend (with the board’s approval), it’s reasonable to believe Apple shares will appreciate into 2013 on their own, or a split will facilitate it. Either way count on Apple to top this list of stocks in performance into 2013.”

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