“A Forrester Research analyst made news on Thursday for saying something I have been writing about for months regarding Apple’s forthcoming iTV or whatever the heck it’s going to be,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “Frankly, without the ability to access Steve Jobs, I am not sure Tim Cook even knows what it’s going to be.”

“Apple has had and will continue to have trouble striking deals with content providers. At best, if it plans on merely beaming content through a nice-looking television set, it will have an incomplete, and not all that compelling, offering,” Pendola writes. “If this is indeed where things stand right now — Apple at a stalemate with content providers — expect iTV, iPanel, whatever to fail miserably. When I say ‘fail miserably,’ I mean along the lines of Ping or the present iteration of Apple TV.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, um, about that “miserable failure” Apple TV:

Strategy Analytics: With 32% share, Apple leading ‘Connected TV’ market with ‘hobby’ Apple TV – December 12, 2011

Pendola writes, “If Steve Jobs did not leave detailed marching orders for how to proceed — and even if he did — Tim Cook faces his biggest challenge as CEO of Apple in a post-Jobs world. In fact, Cook sits on the cusp of making or breaking the dominance of the company Jobs built and Cook can only hope to sustain.”

“When iPhone 5 comes out, Jobs will receive credit for whatever it is. It has likely been in the pipeline for some time. There’s likely no need for a massive overhaul of the device or the choreographed release. Cook simply needs to continue babysitting things as he done quite well so far as CEO,” Pendola writes. “When the next brand new product comes out, it’s all on Cook. Even if Jobs conceived the design, features and overall aura of iTV (or whatever it will be) before he died, he’s not around to deal with what it appears Cook is dealing with now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The opinion of one guy who seemingly believes that Steve Jobs was a god and that Tim Cook is nothing more than a mere babysitter versus a very current Strategy Analytics ConsumerMetrix survey of 6,000 consumers across the US, France, Germany, Italy and the UK which shows that nearly half of iPhone users are likely to buy Apple ‘iTV’ in year one.

The iPhone’s installed base is currently approximately 300 million.

Next time, before you begin hunting and pecking on your (likely) Dell keyboard, Rocco, you might want to instead do some research and then do the math.

Unless, of course, you enjoy coming across as an ignorant twit whose opinions not only have no basis in fact, but which are diametrically opposed to the facts.

Mr. Pendola’s article has been iCal’ed for future reference.

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