“Apple’s original U.S. lawsuit against Samsung is still scheduled to go trial this summer after the parties dropped a number of claims, which makes the presiding judge hopeful that the case will soon have a manageable scope. On Thursday (May 17), Apple and Samsung filed a variety of motions that aim to further streamline their California litigation at each other’s expense,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “Those motions ask the court to dismiss certain claims on summary judgment, to strike certain theories, and to exclude the testimony of expert witnesses hired by the parties.”

Mueller reports, “One of Samsung’s motions is reminiscent of the company’s recent advertising campaigns that made fun of Apple fandom: ‘Apple’s damages expert, Terry L. Musika, writes in his report that ‘Apple has built a considerable and at times a cult-like following to all things Apple.’ That cult-like following apparently includes several experts who are appearing on Apple’s behalf in this case, and may explain why they have cast aside established scientific methods and governing legal principles in favor of slavish adoration of their client and platitudes about its alleged magical and revolutionary products, issues that are of no relevance to the claims and defenses at issue.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple should’ve trademarked “slavish.” Not that a trivial matter such as legal ownership would stopped Samsung from stealing from Apple and using it for they own profit regardless. If fact, trademarking it might have prompted them to steal it even earlier.

Apparently there’s no limit to Samsung’s and their legal monkeys’ tone-deafness.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “DMac” for the heads up.]

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