“Nearly a dozen celebrities, politicians and tech luminaries paid tribute to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs at today’s annual Webby awards show,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“A video featuring President Barack Obama, former president Bill Clinton and others expressing admiration for Jobs, who died last October, was shown to attendees and streamed over the Web,” Lowensohn reports. “Also making appearances were U2 frontman Bono, Star Wars creator George Lucas, former U.S. vice president (and current Apple board member) Al Gore, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, comedians Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Fallon, as well as Web mogul Adriana Huffington, and computer scientist Vint Cerf.”

Lowensohn reports, “Actors John Hodgman and Justin Long, who played the characters of PC and Mac respectively during one of Apple’s most famous and long-running ad campaigns, introduced the video tribute. The video was also preceeded with an individual tribute from actor Richard Dreyfuss, who narrated Apple’s ‘Think Different’ ad… Dreyfuss summed up Jobs’ life in five words, saying the inventor was the ‘exception that proves the rule.'”

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