“You can be sure that, when Apple executives field questions at a quarterly meeting with analysts — yes the ‘a’ word again — they will be asked softball or relatively obscure questions about the company’s financial performance that few care about,” Gene Steinberg writes for Tech Night Owl. “It doesn’t help that these analysts seem not to have the slightest knack for real journalism. Even though they are allowed one question and one follow-up, you’d think someone would ask about Apple’s real problems, such as the ongoing troubles impacting iCloud. Yes, iCloud may indeed have 125 million users, as Apple claims. I have no reason to doubt the number.”

Steinberg writes, “At the same time, what about the quality of the service iCloud delivers. What about the ongoing problems that are still being reported, particularly in syncing bookmarks and contacts across multiple devices? Take this all-too-famliar example: For the longest time, my Address Book has been filled with multiple entries for some names. Those listings aren’t duplicated on my iPhone, so why is it happening on my Mac? Worse, when you delete a duplicate, the deleted entry reappears. And I’m not alone in reporting such issues, and there are more.”

Steinberg writes, “Surely one of those analysts could have used the iCloud question to ask how Apple is treating ongoing reports of sync problems and email outages. What about a question about the overall customer satisfaction rate with iCloud, and how does Apple plan to eliminate the glitches? Never asked.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve certainly encountered the Address Book issue. Have you? Any other iCloud issues you wish Apple would fix?