“What do Venezuela and the tiny island nation of Saint Maarten have that China doesn’t? Starting on Friday, the answer will be the latest iPad, as Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has just released the latest list of countries where its newest must-have product will go on sale, and China is noticeably absent,” Doug Young writes for Forbes.

“Many observers might say that Apple is taking a cautious approach to China pending the resolution of a trademark dispute with a near-bankrupt company over the iPad name,” Young writes. “But in my view, the exclusion of China from the list is just as much about applying pressure on Beijing for a court ruling in its favor, and says more broadly that Apple could withhold its popular products in the future if it doesn’t believe it is being treated fairly in the market.”

Young writes, “After all, withholding Apple products could easily anger many Chinese consumers eager to have the latest hot device, perhaps prompting them to hold Beijing responsible. Furthermore, the absence of legally imported iPads will fuel a surge in smuggled products, costing China millions of dollars in lost import duties.”

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