“A quick check of AT&T stores in Manhattan right after the launch shows that AT&T, Nokia, and Microsoft still have a long way to go in educating AT&T’s salesforce on how to sell the device,” Marguerite Reardon and Roger Cheng report for CNET.

“Some sales associates had little knowledge of the product and were reluctant to recommend the device,” Reardon and Cheng report. “When I walked into several AT&T retail stores on Monday posing as a first-time smartphone shopper, the banners and posters promoting the new Lumia 900 were prominently displayed. But when I asked for advice on buying a new smartphone, sales associates in five different stores in Manhattan actually recommended the Apple iPhone and not the carrier’s latest ‘hero’ device.”

Reardon and Cheng report, “Even when I prompted them to tell me more about the Lumia 900, none was willing to recommend it to me for purchase. ‘Windows Phone is alright,’ said an associate in a store on the Upper West Side. ‘But it’s no iPhone.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Damn truthful AT&T Mobility sales associates!

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