“Talk of a 7.85-inch iPad was revived again after historically accurate John Gruber mentioned in a podcast that it was supposedly still in testing,” Electronista reports. “He told The Talk Show co-host Dan Benjamin that he had heard from numerous insiders that the smaller size was ‘one of the ideas they’re noodling with.’ The design he understood had the same 1024×768 resolution as the iPad 2, just scaled down to the lower physical size.”

Electronista reports, “To visualize the size, he suggested a trick that he had mentioned in the past when hearing of the 7.85-inch size only through outside reports. Capturing a screenshot of the iPad in portrait orientation and flipping the image to landscape gives an approximate idea as to how big the screen would be, he said. While it was possible some text might be small, it wouldn’t be unusably so. The width of current iPads should roughly represent the length of the mini tablet.”

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