“Two years ago, Apple side-swiped the computer industry by releasing the first iPad. Though dismissed by some critics at the time as an overgrown iPhone, the iPad has proved to be just as disruptive to the PC industry as the iPhone was to mobile,” Michael deAgonia reports for Computerworld. “And 55 million tablet sales later — including an incredible 15.4 million last quarter alone — there’s a new king of the tablet hill: the latest iPad.”

“From the startup Apple logo to the Setup Assistant, colors are more vibrant and graphics noticeably sharper. Having used the iPad 2 for a year now — and even though I knew the screen was improved — I was still confounded by how noticeably different the new 2048-x-1536-pixel backlit IPS LED screen is,” deAgonia reports. “The display is gorgeous, with onscreen elements looking like backlit photos rather than objects on a computer screen. High-megapixel photos and 1080p videos look fantastic, even film-like, but you’ll notice the difference the most with text: websites like the New York Times no longer require zooming in to read on-screen text; comic book apps can display entire pages full screen without the requisite zoom and pans; text-heavy apps like iBooks and Kindle now look like backlit magazine pages.”

deAgonia reports, “The new iPad remains the epitome of what a tablet computer should be.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Consistent raves from all corners. The new iPad may be the best-reviewed Apple product in history.

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