“Protestors are planning at assemble at some Apple Stores in Washington, DC’s Georgetown, New York City, and San Francisco this Friday, presumably in anticipation of the new iPad’s release,” Mike Schramm reports for TUAW.

“These campaigns are being run from Change.org by Mark Shields… [who] says he’s an Apple fan who wants assurance that Apple isn’t using underpaid and overworked Chinese laborers to make its products,” Schramm reports. “Apple has already taken steps to ensure that its workers aren’t treated poorly. Shields admitted, via press release, that auditing supplier factories and raising worker pay are good moves.”

Schramm reports, “It’s still unclear exactly what Shields wants… Without a clearly-defined definition of what Apple should do for those workers, it’s hard to see these protests as anything more than noise around the iPad’s already big launch.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Shields probably wants a new iPad and, as any good slacktivist would, is simply trying to combine sitting in line with a couple more hours of meaningless “protest” against whatever “evil” he’s concocted in his mind.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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