“Google has rebranded its Android Market mobile software store as Google Play, folding in Google Music and the company’s eBookstore to create a single brand for all of its digital and cloud based content services, similar to Apple’s iTunes,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The new Google Play umbrella branding deemphasizes Android, highlighting instead Google’s own corporate brand as being a source for content that is playable not just on devices incorporating Android software, but from any web-enabled device,” Dilger reports. “Google Play categorizes its content under Movies, Music, Books and Apps and Games, only the later of which requires an Android device.”

Dilger reports, “The new branding is currently US-centric, as Google Play doesn’t yet support music in the Canada or the UK, doesn’t yet support movies or music in Australia, doesn’t yet support music or books in Japan, and doesn’t currently support anything apart from Android apps in any other country.”

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