“A number of Mac users are moaning over the fact that some models as little as four years old won’t run Mountain Lion, at least according to published reports,” Gene Steinberg reports for The Tech Night Owl. “A notable example is my son’s early 2008 Black MacBook. It runs Lion perfectly well, but the needs of 10.8 are far more demanding. In order to run Mountain Lion, a Mac needs to be able to boot into a 64-bit kernel and possess what is regarded as ‘Advanced GPU’ chipset.”

“These two requirements eliminate models with 32-bit firmware, and older Intel integrated graphics, such as the GMA 950 on my son’s MacBook,” Steinberg reports. “I do realize there are already hacks out there that will allow you to “induce” Mountain Lion to install despite having subpar hardware. But it may not be worth the effort, and perhaps it’s time for those who have those older Macs to consider an upgrade.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Longtime Mac users are used to moving forward. Newer users, coming from stagnant platforms that follow Apple at a great distance, might be surprised, but pushing the human race forward doesn’t happen with stagnant old hardware and slavish adherence to “backwards compatibility.”

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