“On a smoggy day in a gritty industrial suburb of Shenzhen, thousands of job seekers, many migrant workers from the countryside, massed outside the north gate of Foxconn’s gargantuan factory at Longhua, taking part in an epic recruitment drive to supply factory hands to meet relentless production quotas for iPhones and iPads globally,” James Pomfret reports for Reuters.

“As police sealed off roads in the area, recruiters lined up the young men in ranks, peppering them with questions before shepherding small groups into a building to register and undergo physical and psychometric tests,” Pomfret reports. “‘As you can see, everyone wants a job here,’ said Wang Jintao, a 19-year-old from central Hubei province. ‘I’ve been coming here every day for two weeks now. Perhaps today will be my lucky day.'”

“Foxconn is viewed by many workers as a tough but rigorously organized and fair employer in the harsh industrial landsape of the Pearl River Delta,” Pomfret reports. “‘The facilities are first-class; the physical conditions are way, way above average of the norm,’ Auret van Heerden, president of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) told Reuters in an interview on Feb. 15.”

Pomfret reports, “Despite the criticism Foxconn has faced, for many it is still a dream factory job, more stable and with wages, career prospects and living conditions superior to many smaller plants, which have struggled with rising costs and dwindling orders from Western consumers amid continued global economic uncertainty, particularly in Europe.”

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