“Shoppers planning to buy a high-end Samsung TV might want to grab a closeout deal on last year’s model or else brace for sticker shock,” Martha C. White reports for MSNBC. “Taking a page from Apple’s playbook, the company reportedly plans to implement a fixed-price policy for its 2012 models.”

“In the cutthroat arena of television manufacturing, it’s a risky move. Among its peers, though, Samsung is the most likely candidate to pull this off — and possibly transform the TV-shopping experience in the process,” White reports. “Website HD Guru, which first reported the as-yet-unannounced pricing shift, said the new “unilateral pricing policy” will prohibit retailers from offering discounts below a price floor set by Samsung or risk losing the right to sell those products.”

White reports, “The website, citing unidentified industry sources and a leaked price list, said the result would be that Samsung HD televisions, including higher-end models selling for $1,600 and up, would carry a price premium of up to 15 percent over comparable models from makers such as LG and Panasonic… Samsung’s plan for fixed pricing would be a gamble, especially since the company is making its move before big-screen OLEDs come to market. In spite of some minor enhancements to the 2012 lineup, the company essentially is asking customers to pay more for a technology that’s getting long in the tooth.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Slavish Apple copier Samsung had better pray to The Great Photocopier in the Sky that the rumors of Apple entering the television market stay rumors forever.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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