“Apple ‘fanboys’ have gained a negative reputation as a hostile entity,” Violet Blue writes for ZDNet. “The vitriolic fanboy mob mentality has made online discussions about Apple difficult to keep civil, and has created an environment of increasingly shocking and disturbing hostility.”

“In my opinion, it’s damaging Apple’s reputation,” Blue writes.

“This week, ‘king of the fanboys’ John Gruber and Apple evangelist Shawn King were instrumental to an online witch hunt that eventually included threats of violence toward a female blogger,” Blue writes. “The witch hunt was based on inaccurate information about Macworld exhibitors that the men had provided to the public. I know because that blogger is me. And I’m not the first person to have a troubling story like this about these people.”

Blue writes, “What is happening here is a problem. And I believe it is a lot of what is perpetuating Apple’s bad image. It is an aspect of Apple’s legacy from an older era – one that needs to go away.”

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Shawn King rebuts Blue’s piece here

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