“The general consensus in the market today is that Apple’s upcoming A6 quad core processor is to bring more performance to the 2012 iPad and iPhone. It’s said that it will also preserve battery life due to a shift from a 40-nanometer to a 28-nanometer process,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “Joel Hruska, writing for Extreme Tech, goes one step further with his belief that Apple’s upcoming A6 processor could in fact introduce 3D transistors. Yet the one twist that no one even considered as a remote possibility was whether or not Apple’s secretive Macroscalar Processor Architecture would be finally come to market. In a surprising and uncharacteristic move by Apple this past week, they may have shown their hand. Our report explains why.”

Purcher reports, “Early last week the US Patent & Trademark Office published a surprising trademark application from Apple for the word ‘Macroscalar.’ A second trademark filing for this also showed up in Hong Kong’s IP Office’s database over the weekend. Apple filed the application under a single International Class pertaining to microprocessors for computers. The most interesting product possibility listed in this filing relates to voice recognition software and applications that is likely related to Siri. Though, as you’ll see, the list of possibilities that Apple lays out in their application is simply mind boggling.”

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