“For years, Apple never really spent time and resources for improving performance levels and quality of its graphic card drivers, and with 3D application, when running benchmarks, we always obtain better results on Windows than on Mac OS X,” Lionel writes for HardMac.

“This was the result of both the lack of interest from Apple and the high marketing need from graphic card manufacturers to optimize their drivers on Windows as performance is a key driver for sales,” Lionel writes. “With many models available from AMD or NVidia, optimized drivers are required; such competition for Mac users, do not really exist (pending you do not flash your graphic card with some hacked ROM).”

Lionel writes, “It is about time for Apple to really improve its drivers, and simply work more with AMD, NVidia and Intel to make its drivers more competitive. The last Open GL3 drivers from Intel supports more functions than the one found in Mac OS X.”

Full article, with benchmarks, here.