“It’s assumed by those who pay attention to Apple rumors that the iPhone 5 will feature a new design with a bigger and the ability to access wireless carriers’ new 4G networks, particularly AT&T’s and Verizon’s LTE service,” Dwight Silverman reports for The Houston Chronicle. “After all, if the Android competition has these features, the iPhone should, too, right?”

“Well, not so fast,” Silverman reports. “After spending some time the past few days with the Galaxy Nexus, Google’s flagship Android device, I’m not so sure.”

Silverman reports, “The battery life on the Galaxy Nexus is abysmal when it’s connected to the LTE network. It’s far worse than the original Sprint EVO, the first Android phone with a massive screen that also accesses a so-called 4G network, and its battery life was notoriously awful. It only takes a few minutes of using the Galaxy Nexus on LTE for the battery meter to noticeably deplete, and heaven forbid you should do any sustained access that involves lots of screen activity. I watched a half-hour of video via Netflix, starting when the battery was at full charge. Thirty minutes later, it was down by 50 percent… Other LTE-based Android phones have similar issues, but this Nexus takes the Bad Battery Life crown.”

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