“After Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, and eBay, British Telecommunications plc (commonly referred to as “British Telecom” or simply “BT”) has just become the fifth large publicly-traded company to bring patent infringement litigation against Android,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “(By ‘large’ I mean companies with a market capitalizations in the tens or hundreds or billions of dollars, not even counting Gemalto, a company worth €3 billion that is suing Google as well as the three leading Android handset makers.)”

“BT seeks damages — even triple damages for willful and deliberate infringement — as well as an injunction,” Mueller reports. “The complaint suggests that Google refused to pay. The second sentence of paragraph 21 states that ‘BT brings this action to recover the just compensation it is owed and to prevent Google from continuing to benefit from BT’s ivnentions without authorization.'”

Mueller reports, “With so many major patent holders asserting their rights, obligations to pay royalties may force Google to change its Android licensing model and pass royalties on to device makers… Android already had more than enough intellectual problems anyway. Now Google faces one more large organization that believes its rights are infringed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs on Android: “It’s a stolen product.”

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