“HTC, the world’s largest maker of Android phones, is likely furiously rubbing rabbit’s feet and sweating buckets in the face of a potential trade ruling Tuesday that could slam the door on U.S. sales of all handsets using the Google mobile operating system,” Ed Sutherland reports for Cult of Mac. “Experts already predict Android is in ‘serious trouble.'”

Sutherland reports, “The Washington, DC-based U.S. Trade Commission Tuesday rules on HTC’s appeal of a July decision that the company’s Android phones violated two Apple patents… a ruling against HTC could outright ban sales during the most lucrative holiday period, slashing Android’s U.S. marketshare from 25 percent to nothing… The impact of an HTC loss could be felt by all Android manufacturers. ‘It’s hard to see how any Android device could not infringe, or how companies could work around them,’ patent expert Florian Mueller said back in July, after HTC’s original patent loss.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Don’t steal IP.

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