“Apple has filed an interesting patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office that details a revolutionary type of interface,” Alex Heath reports for iDownloadBlog. “The filing also contains a new social networking application for iOS.”

“A new way of managing data like webpages, music, and photos, has been outlined in an interface that Apple calls ‘Persistent Overlay,'” Heath reports. “The interface takes several elements from Notification Center and the multitasking bar, builds upon them, and expands them as a means to manage data on a systemwide level.”

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Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple, “It’s something like a personal multitasking bar system that will hold photos, tunes and documents that you need quick access to during the day. The patent also reveals that a new social networking app is in the works and that you’ll have the ability to use your Magic Mouse or Trackpad with your iPad when docked.”

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