“HP during its conference call discussing a decision to keep its PC group dashed hopes of a webOS tablet revival,” Electronista reports.

“CEO Meg Whitman wanted HP to compete against the iPad, saying the company needed to ‘be in the tablet business,’ but put the hopes for the company’s Personal Systems Group strategy back on Microsoft,” Electronista reports. “The company was ‘certainly going to be there’ when Windows 8 shipped sometime next year, she said.”

Electronista reports, “A small element of hope was given to webOS supporters. The company was still ‘evaluating’ what it would do with the team and would decide in about two months, according to HP. With no mobile device plans and tablets only returning with Windows, its position nonetheless hadn’t changed.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Dear Microsoft,

Thank you, sir, I’ll have another.

– Meg.

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