MacDailyNews reader “Lynnw” sent us an email this morning that’s too good not to share:

I have had a hardware issue recently with my original iPad 3G. I called Apple recently and they tried to assist me with the problem. I telephoned them again this afternoon because I discovered my warranty was going to run out on Monday. The problem I had was with the input area, it was slow.

Anyway, I spoke with a senior technical advisor and he didn’t want me to go to the trouble of going to an Apple Store or having to wait for another device because I am visually impaired… big time. He said hang on and you should receive a call from Apple.

Within an hour they were calling to inform me that they were shipping me a brand new iPad 2 3G and to simply sign the agreement so they could send me a box for the one I presently have. They’re shipping the new one first so I am not without one in the meantime. and email my John Hancock and they would ship out the device to me tomorrow. They asked if I wanted white or black, I said white and sure enough the guy confirmed that they would be sending me a white one.

I am sitting shell shocked from the kindness this agent and Apple in general has shown me, never mind grateful. What a company and I am so impressed. My husband nearly fell off his chair! I kid you not!


MacDailyNews Take: Apple Inc. The greatest company in the world.