“Steve Jobs was out to change the world. He said so on more than one occasion, and yelled it on others,” Forbes reports. “He irrevocably altered the worlds of computers, communication, cinema and creative arts: His products sent tremors through the markets they entered and created new landscapes for others to build upon. These 10 products represent Steve Jobs’ most iconic creations –perfect blends of groundbreaking tech, sleek design, keen marketing, and most importantly, Steve himself.”

Steve Jobs’ most important products:
• Apple II (1977)
• Macintosh (1984)
• Pixar (1986)
• Mac OS X (2001) – Its origins lie in work that Jobs and his team did on NeXTSTEP, an operating system built at NeXT, the company he founded after leaving Apple in 1985.
• iTunes (2001) / iTunes Store (2001)
• iPod (2001)
• iPhone (2007)
• iOS App Store (2008)
• iPad (2010)
• The Apple Image

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