“While the wait continues for the official number of iPad 2s sold by Apple since its launch earlier this month, eBay this morning is sharing a peek at two weeks of iPad 2 buying activity from its U.S. site,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“Unsurprisingly the hard-to-get tablet has been moving briskly on the service, reaching just less than 12,000 sales in the two-week period between the U.S. launch and the iPad 2’s launch in 25 additional international countries,” Lowensohn reports. “What is surprising this time around is that eBay’s data shows a much higher percentage of iPads selling inside of the U.S. compared with the launch of the first-generation device. That number is 65 percent of sales remaining in the U.S., compared to just 35 percent in 2010.”

Lowensohn reports, “While eBay’s numbers represent just a piece of the estimated sales of the iPad 2 from Apple’s retail stores and other retailers, it provides a very interesting look at which models are the most popular and how much users are willing to pay on top of the price tag in order to get their hands on one.”

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