“Thomas Elementary School’s fifth-graders are the proud stewards of 30 new grant-funded Apple iPads, which will help them share their poetry, look up famous inventions, practice math concepts — and possibly be the envy of those of us who still use a chunky, old-school notebook or desktop computer,” Hillary Davis reports for The Arizona Daily Sun.

“These sleek, touch-screen tablet computers, which retail for about $500 each for a basic model, allow students to access the school’s wireless Internet right from their desks, sliding and tapping their fingertips across the glossy faces,” Davis reports. “Each computer is assigned to a specific student, and they are encouraged to personalize their iPad with a wallpaper of their choosing.”

Davis reports, “A settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft several years ago allowed school districts across the country — who were not plaintiffs in the case — to benefit from unclaimed settlement money, which became grants aimed at school technology.”

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