“There has been a lot of talk about the addition of an NFC (near field communication) chip to the next-gen iPhone. This will allow the phone to be used as a swipe-it-yourself credit card. I consider this technology to be the most onerous ever,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine.

“This ‘good idea’ isn’t about the convenience of paying with a phone swipe, but the idea of running your tab through the phone company,” Dvorak writes. “If you think your banker is a gouger with dubious fees and no-leeway, what do you think the phone company will be like? Yes, let AT&T handle all your money for you, and see how that works out in the end.”

Dvorak writes, “Do not let AT&T or Verizon or any phone company anywhere near your day-to-day financial transaction business! You’ve been warned.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Speaking of screws, Dvorak’s tinfoil-covered head has more than a couple loose. Unlike Mr. Dvorak, we’ve decided to wait until (1) there actually is an iPhone that allows for NFC payments; and (2) the details of how transactions will be handled are presented, before we issue grim proclamations and dire warnings.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jeff T.” for the heads up.]