Apple Online Store“Chinese technology giant Lenovo is looking to bolster its tablet strategy against the likes of Apple’s iPad through its new joint venture with multinational IT giant NEC,” James Rogers reports for TheStreet.

MacDailyNews Take: See, they’re “giants,” okay? You have to buy into the “giants” thing first before we go any further. Two big asian “giants.” Think Mothra and Godzilla, but smaller and even cheaper looking.

Rogers continues. “Lenovo will hold a 51% stake in the Japanese joint venture, which is intended to boost its presence in Japan’s lucrative PC market. The computer maker will also gain access to a bigger design pool for its future tablet offerings, said Rory Read, Lenovo’s COO. Lenovo is in the midst of a major tablet push, showing off its new LePad Microsoft Windows tablet at CES and also demoing its IdeaPad U1 notebook/tablet hybrid. More recently, the firm’s IdeaPad U260 notebook has been touted a viable challenger to Apple’s MacBook Air.”

MacDailyNews Take: First of all, “LePad Microsoft Windows tablet” sounds like a disease anyone would want to avoid at all costs. And, secondly, who’s touting this IdeaPad U-Whatever as a “a viable challenger to Apple’s MacBook Air?’ Oh, yeah, right, TheStreet’s resident grandma in upside-down glasses, Gary LeBuffoon Krakow. The last time we checked in with Mr. Looney Tunes, he standing on a street corner babbling that “Steve Jobs has either gotta get BlackBerry or Windows Mobile on iPhone.” That’s why we haven’t covered a thing the hit-whoring granny’s had to say in over two and a half years. Because he has no credibility. Because he’s a laughingstock.

Rogers continues, “‘There’s a lot of interest around the tablets that we announced at CES,’ said Read, who was speaking from the World Economic Forum in Davos. ‘Obviously there’s momentum in that space.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Pure bullshit.

Rogers continues, “Lenovo Chairman Liu Chuanzhi also said this week that his firm’s LePad and LePhone offerings will be used to fend off Apple’s growing presence in the Chinese market.”

MacDailyNews Take: Lenovo’s Chairman needs to lay off the ‘shrooms.*

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*We realize it’s the only way to make LePad and LePhone seem “magical,” but, dude, abstain already.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “sleiii” for the heads up.]