“An onslaught of new smart phones have hit the market recently as manufacturers battle one another to meet the sharply escalating demand for new features and leading-edge technologies,” Paul Carton reports for ChangeWave. “To find out which manufacturers are currently winning and losing this battle, we asked 1,212 consumers who had purchased smart phones within the past six months to rate their new models. The ChangeWave survey was completed November 2, 2010.”

“First off, we looked at customer satisfaction with the new smart phones that respondents had purchased during the past six months,” Carton reports. “The following chart shows the percentage who said they were Very Satisfied with the smart phone they’d purchased – broken out by manufacturer.”

Carton reports, “As we’ve consistently seen in our consumer smart phone demand surveys, the Apple iPhone continues to outperform the industry in terms of customer satisfaction – with better than three-in-four new iPhone owners (77%) reporting they’re Very Satisfied with their new model. Among individual iPhone models, the iPhone 4 received an exceptionally high Very Satisfied rating (84% for 32GB; 78% for 16GB)… iPhone 4 has been extraordinarily well received by its owners. Importantly, the iPhone 4 scores are even better than the ratings for the earlier generation iPhone 3GS models (81% for 32GB; 77% for 16GB) which were recorded in our May 2010 new smart phone owners survey.”

Carton reports, “With the rumors and speculation continuing about the imminent release of a new Verizon iPhone, what impact would such a move have on the smart phone market? We asked non-AT&T respondents whether they’d have still purchased their new smart phone if the iPhone had been available at their wireless service provider at the time of purchase. The results show the continuing threat the iPhone poses to the rest of the industry.”

Carton reports, “In short, an extraordinary one-in-three non-AT&T smart phone buyers (34%) say they’d have bought the iPhone instead if it had been available at their service provider.”

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