“During a recent Special Event, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs provided us with a peek into four key attributes coming to the next major operating system upgrade due next summer called ‘Lion,'” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Specifically, Jobs reviewed the fundamentals of Lion’s Mac App Store, Launchpad, Full Screen Apps and Mission Control,” Purcher reports. “What Jobs didn’t reveal was something called ‘scrollable menus and toolbars.'”

Purcher reports, “This possible new OS X Lion feature came to light late last week in a new European patent filing. The new feature is clearly identified as one being designed for both the desktop (OS X) and handheld devices (iOS) – which is what OS X Lion is all about: ‘The Power of OS X – The Magic of iPad.’ Apple’s Full Screen App feature is about simplifying the desktop and their latest scrollable menus and toolbars concept extends upon that very thinking.”

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