Apple Online Store“According to Amazon, ebook sales have already surpassed hardback book sales and will surpass paperbacks sometime in 2011, and then both hardback and paperback combined sometime shortly thereafter,” Jason Hiner reports for TechRepublic. “That’s a much faster timeline than most of us expected and it speaks to how fast the e-reader market is accelerating.”

“With that in mind, we’d like to help TechRepublic readers in selecting an e-reader, since many of you are using them not just for reading books but business documents as well,” Hiner reports.

TechRepublic’s Top 10 e-readers:

1. Apple iPad: The premier e-reading device is the Apple iPad, for two reasons: 1.) Its high-quality full color screen, and 2.) It’s ability to handle everything from ebooks (from multiple ebook stores and in multiple formats), magazines, PDFs, newspapers, web pages, emails, and many other electronic files. It’s the information omnivore’s device. If you just want to read books, there are better options.
2. Amazon Kindle
3. Barnes & Noble Nook
4. Apple iPhone: Not to be overlooked as an e-reader is the iPhone. You can read Kindle and Barnes & Noble ebooks on it as well as lots of news sources via apps and web pages. You may not want to sit down and read on it for hours, it’s great for reading when standing in lines, waiting at the doctor’s office, and traveling, for example. You’d be surprised at how much reading you can get done just by using these short snatches of time.
5. Borders Kobo
6. Sony Reader, Touch Edition (PRS-650)
7. Amazon Kindle DX
9. Spring Design Alex
10. Pandigital Novel
Honorable mentions: Copia Ocean and Bookeen Cybook

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MacDailyNews Take: Only iPad has access to Apple’s iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, eBooks by Kobo, and literally (get it?) millions of other books from other iPad apps. iPad is for bibliophiles. All other e-readers are limited. Only iPad does it all!