Apple Online Store“This week at what’s become Apple’s fall music event the company unveiled a revised Apple TV. The small $99 device delivers a new rental model and support for Netflix, but there are no apps, contrary to much of the speculation leading up the event,” Michael Gartenberg writes for Engadget. “That’s in stark contrast to the Google TV project announced at I/O last spring. Unlike Apple, Google is looking to provide DVR functionality, search, and an app marketplace. Some say Apple isn’t being bold enough, but I think Apple might be right.”

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“Google wants input one on your TV. Apple wants input two. The difference? Input one is where your cable box goes. Input two was where your VCR or DVD player used to live. It’s a port that’s up for grabs.”

“The DVD player is looking long in the tooth. The problem is that the TV experience has entrenched behaviors that won’t change soon, and Apple needs to educate the consumer,” Gartenberg writes. “Apple released the iPhone with no app marketplace at first to teach new ways of using a phone, and it’s doing the same with this Apple TV reset… With a base to show to developers Apple can then safely unveil an SDK and get the developer machine in gear…”

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MacDailyNews Take: As usual, Gartenberg’s analysis is insightful and sound.