Invisible Shield for Apple iPhone 4!In response to a MacDailyNews reader who asked whether iOS 4 multitasking was difficult to understand for the average user, Apple CEO Steve Jobs offered up one of his signature quick, short email messages:

“People shouldn’t have to understand multitasking. Just use is [sic] as designed, and you’ll be happy. No need to ever quit apps.” – Steve Jobs’ email, June 29, 2010

MacDailyNews Note: We gave this one the thrice-over and the email definitely seems legit. As we explained yesterday and Jobs seems to reiterate much more concisely above, “The basic point is: Don’t worry, not all of these apps are ‘running.’ In fact, most of them are not. Those 42 apps are the last 42 apps you used, they’re not churning in the background, sucking up your battery life. Think of them sort of like Han Solo encased in carbonite; they’re in suspended animation, so they spring back to life right where you left them when tapped. So, that app list is there for your convenience, not to stress you out, so don’t worry, be happy! You’re running iOS4 on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, you lucky son-a-ma-batches! Your iPhone is taking care of multitasking, so you don’t have to.”